There’s a Travelodge and a Premier Inn at Hartlepool Marina. Rates will vary, but obviously the earlier you book the better!

The Hillcarter and the Grand Hotel are also in walking distance of the NMRN.

Caravans and motor homes

Wake up in the middle of the action! We have dedicated hardstanding space on site at the NMRN for caravans. There’s a large supermarket just across the road, so you can keep topped up with all your supplies. The cost is just £20 per caravan for the weekend.

There will be portaloos available for caravan campers, as well as a waste disposal facility, and there will be a supply of water. There will also be overnight security. We’re unable to provide shower facilities.


Indoor camping

We have organised indoor camping facilities at the Bellevue Centre, about a mile and a half from the site. There are buses and very reasonable taxis if the walk doesn’t appeal, and the facilities include showers and a communal kitchen. The on-site cafe will offer breakfasts.

Indoor camping is £10 for Friday and Saturday night (unavailable Sunday night), and can be booked when you book your tickets.