Welcome to Hartlepool Folk Festival 2017

More artists still to be announced – keep checking the site!

Once again, we are privileged to have as our festival site the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool, home to the 18th century-themed Historic Quay and HMS Trincomalee, the UK’s oldest floating warship. We have venues around the Historic Quay for concerts, workshops, talks, dance displays and sessions, including spaces on the Trincomalee herself. Mainstage concerts take place at the nearby Town Hall Theatre.

Special Events for 2017

The Barrack Room Ballads

It’s 125 years since Rudyard Kipling published the Barrack Room Ballads, and 40 years since Peter Bellamy’s celebrated album of the songs was released. In a special show for Hartlepool Folk Festival, Jon Boden, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, the Wilsons and Damien Barber – artists all closely associated with Bellamy – give fresh interpretations of these iconic songs. New arrangements for traditional Indian brass band and readings from Kipling’s work create a setting that acknowledges – and questions – their colonial legacy.

Trincomalee: 200 Years

We’re privileged to have as our festival site the National Museum of the Royal Navy Hartlepool, incorporating HMS Trincomalee, which celebrates her 200th birthday in October. Trincomalee: 200 Years is an immersive performance taking place in spaces all around the Historic Quay, including the ship itself. 8 artists are commissioned to create new work inspired by the Trincomalee’s rich history – from her origins in Bombay to battling slavery in the Caribbean, patrolling the Western Sea Board of America and fighting in the Crimean War. Storytelling, new music, animation, dance and food will feature in this utterly unique celebration, with work devised by some of the best-known names in folk.  – Subject to a funding bid. We’ll confirm details soon!